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As a part of his mission to share the Dare to Believe, Chris Dare has performed for charities and organizations around the world that support many important causes. Chris has vowed to always try to make a difference in the lives of others by using his gift of magic as a way to spread wonder and inspiration with those who need it the most. His performance can be tailored towards themes of strength and courage or other moving emotions, creating the perfect performance for raising hope and awareness. This style of performance art is unlike anything else, taking the ability to share your organization's message to the next level. Chris Dare will continue to volunteer his gift and share his message to charitable organizations as his way of giving back.

Chris Dare performing at the 11th Annual Unforgettable Prom in Support of Friends of Scott, Children with Cancer


Chris Dare was featured on

The 11th Annual " Unforgettable Prom" was an event supporting the Friends of Scott Foundation. Held in San Diego, Chris Dare was invited to fly out from NYC to perform in support of a great cause. Learn more about the Friends of Scott organization here.

for his performance at the Unforgettable Prom. See the full video here

This past December Chris got invited to perform as a special guest for the annual iCAP Charity Day. For 24 hours, brokers give away their commission to a mix of 200 charities around the world. Chris was honored to be a guest and performer. Learn more about iCAP Charity Day here


and many more...

Click below to find out how Chris can share his magic with your charitable organization


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