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Join Illusionist Chris Dare on a journey of what it takes to be " Remarkable". This jaw-dropping show will entertain, inspire, and astonish you! Based on the three key pillars of identity, belief and perception, this showcase of theatre will open your eyes to the power within. 


An experience of magic unlike any other. You can be, and you are REMARKABLE.

Exclusively at the 2019 Signature Event benefiting Abilities First, a local charity. 100% of the profits will be donated to the charity.


Magic with A Mission Show 
Supporting Abilities First, Inc. 

On January 25th, Chris Dare performed live at the Newburgh Brewery in Newburgh, NY. His first hometown stage show appearance was a success with a sold out crowd of over 250 people. All the proceeds from the show were supporting Abilities First, Inc. a local charity in the Hudson Valley area supporting children and young adults with disabilities. The show, " Magic with a Mission" was specially designed by Chris Dare to inspire and prove using select illusions that anything is possible. Chris tied in this meaning with his own story of how he followed his dreams as a young boy interested in magic and the challenges he has endured thus far to make others believe. At the end the secret was about using your skills and talent to make a difference. As a finale, Chris Dare donated his $1,500 worth of show earnings to the charity. All together over $6,000 was raised for the charity and set the stage for the future of live performances for Chris Dare. 

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