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Psychology has meaning that we can all relate to, no matter the walk of life or the decisions of lifestyle. Chris Dare has been fascinated with this study of human behavior since his early teens and has made it apart of his act in various ways. Whether its using subconscious suggestion or techniques of Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) on his spectators, Chris is always looking to have a lasting effect. He refers to using psychological sleights of mind and techniques of showmanship to help create his message of overcoming life's many challenges and resonating the " Nothing is Impossible" theme. Dare to Believe that you can be someone who challenges fears, develops uniqueness at every opportunity, or has the faith to follow your dreams.

This is the area Chris Dare feels will make the greatest impact in his career.

The Experiments

Recently Chris Dare has designed and produced a set of structured and developed psychological effects, each one with a deep meaning that society can mostly relate to. Using his understanding of psychology and influence, each one of these effects is designed to alter the mindset in a positive direction of the person / people in the filming. 

 Chris has decided to call these, " The Experimentsand they will be filmed / released towards the end of 2017 into 2018. 

It is our tendency as human beings to think that we are not predictable. Ironically making that one of our most predictable traits. Chris Dare chose to spend some time with Olivia Jewell, a psychology major in this experiment, to play a unique game of Yes or No. Combining the elements of influence, patterns of habit, and pressure the lessons taught from this experiment are the foundational steps to becoming unique. Can Olivia challenge her own predictability or leave a changed person? 

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